Save thousands of pounds on your hair transplant cost!

Painless, non-visible hair transplant at affordable prices

Our certified doctors achieved technological breakthroughs in hair transplantation by using the FUE SafeSystem technique. Today the doctors of our clinic belong to the small number of surgeons in the world who offer this revolutionary new technology to their patients. Thanks to this new method, the smallest disturbance for the patient and the most precise result possible can be achieved during the hair transplant surgery.


6+1 reason why you should choose our clinic

1)  Hair transplant cost from 1.2 euro / hair strand

Save up to 60% on an average french procedure. Our clinic offers you great price without compromising in quality. With our most advanced FUE technique you can get your original hair style back in 1 day.

2) Pain free procedure

During the hair transplant procedure we use local anaesthesia, so patients have a pain- free pleasurable experience


3) No scars

For the hair transplant procedure, a punch is used to harvest the hair follicles from the donor area at the back of the head, and also to implant them to the thinning area. The tiny hole created in this process is visible only under a magnifying glass and will leave no visible scars.

4) Maximum density guaranteed

The latest FUE SafeSystem technology makes it possible to transplant hair to areas as small as the point of a needle, so the volume of the transplanted hair can only be limited by follicle size and scalp elasticity.

5) Undetectable and natural looking results

FUE SafeSystem provides results that make your restored hair look totally natural, so nobody ever can tell if your hair was transplanted or had originally grown there.

6) 10 years guarantee

We offer 10 years guarantee on implanted hair. It means that we guarantee that 80% of the implanted hair will start growing within one year of the procedure, and will not fall out again. If this result is not achieved, we will re-implant the hairs lost FREE of charge.

6+1) Personal consultation in Paris, Lyon, Brussels or London

During the consultation, we discuss the present condition of your hair and scalp and then we work out a treatment plan that meets your needs to solve your hair loss. After the consultation you will receive your individual treatment plan and a quotation.



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