HairPalace Online Affiliate Program

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Join the HairPalace Online Affiliate Program and earn thousands of euros every month after hair surgeries. You can get up to 800 euros of commission after a treatment.

You can get up to 800 euros of commission after a hair loss treatment.

In our Online Affiliate Program we give you all marketing tools – banners, landing pages, advertisement texts – that we’ve used and still use to achieve excellent results.

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Advantages of the HairPalace Online Affiliate Program

  • You can join our program free
  • High treatment values

A patient pays an average of 4000 euros for a hair restoration surgery at our clinic

  • High commission fee after every mediated patient

We pay a 15%-commission after the price of the treatment if you sent us one patient, and 20% if you sent us more patients.

In case of an average patient the commission fee is 600 €.

In case of more patients the average commission fee is 800€.

  • We provide excellent marketing tools to our partners

To facilitate your success we give you all the existing banners, landing pages, and urls that helped us to achive fantastic results and that we still use.

  • We provide an excellent system

Using our system you can follow your patients, commissions and payments minute by minute.

  • Continuous support and help

Our goal is to have successful partners, so we help our new partners with advices and knowledge about the market.


Sign up and earn thousands of euros every month with our affiliate program >>


The activity of HairPalace Hair Clinic

HairPalace Hair Clinic is specialized exclusively in hair transplantation for British and French patients. The clinic is based in Budapest.

With HairPalace, English and French patients can save thousands of euros compared to the British and French prices, while they get the same, high quality treatment as in their country.

The HairPalace clinic provides consultations in London, Brussels, Paris and Lyon, so that our patients are aware of the exact price of the treatment before they come to Budapest.

We offer a written guarantee on every implanted hair, so our patients can be sure that they will be in good hands at our clinic.


Target group:

The HairPalace clinic treats only men, our patients are mostly 30-50 years old.

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Details of our affiliate program

The partner:

  1. Puts HairPalace’s marketing tools on his/her partner site
  2. Generates traffic to the partner site
  3. Follows his/her commission fees via our system



  1. Treats the leads arriving to HairPalace’s CRM system (via phone and email)
  2. Books consultation dates for patients (in London, Brussels, Paris or Lyon)
  3. Organises consultations abroad
  4. Books treatement dates
  5. Organises the trip, reserves accomodation and transfer
  6. Does the treatement at HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic in Budapest
  7. Organises follow-up consultations
  8. Accounts with the partners once a month, and pays the commission fees.


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Our Affilaite Partners said:

“The HairPalace Online Affiliate Program is one of the best performing and highest commission paying programs in the health care sector. HairPalace’s collegues offer a continuous support to partners, and the excellent marketing tools provide a great advantage while we compete concurrent clinics. We’ve been working with HairPalace successfully for more than 2 years”

 Krisztina –

“I joined the HairPalace Online Affiliate Program more than 2 years ago, and since then it became one of my favourites. Because of the high treatment values, the commission fees are also high, and we don’t need a lot of leads to make enough conversions. Our cooperation with HairPalace is successful since the beginning. I recommend the Hairpalace Online Affiliate Program to everyone…”

Szabolcs –


Sign up and earn thousands of euros every month with our affiliate program >>


Earn money by promoting one of Europe’s best hair clinics

If you want to know more about the HairPalace Online Affiliate Program, contact us on the following email address: Joining our Online Affiliate Program is completely free, does not involve any risk, and is without any obligation.